We build beautiful hardware and software.

What we build

DouZen builds "Enchanted Objects"

We received the CES 2018 Innovation Awards!!
DouZen builds "Enchanted Objects" with tightly integrated software and hardware technology. We are currently building the Hale Orb, a “post-smartphone device” for your family to easily enjoy shared pictures and video on your large screen TV. Sign up to our news letter at haleorb.com and secure your discount now!

----------- DouZen is based in San Francisco, CA.

Hale Orb

Hale Orb is for anybody who wants a simpler way for the family to stay connected, through photos and videos.

Our Mission

Building products that bring joy to the users

Our mission is to create hardware / software products and services that are beautiful, useful, and fun. We believe there is a major problem in the smartphone-centric trend to distill everything down to countless single task apps trapped inside a m onolithic box. Controlling home appliances and content should b e simple, pleasant, and direct. That’s why we are building the Hale Orb.












We are experts in creating dynamic user interfaces.

In our previous lives, before smartphones took over the world, we were already working on smoothly animated, expressive user interfaces. We value simplicity, natural feel, and practicality. Here are some of our previous works:


DouZen Elastic Navigation UI
( Patent Granted )

Simply put, the DouZen Elastic Navigation UI (DE-Nav for short) is a touch optimized file explorer. It is fast, smooth, and helps the "I'm lost" problem in navigating through multi layered data, by allowing the user to see the parent folders, yet conserving screen real estate. We provide both landscape and portrait orientation optimized modes. Please also see the "Demo Video" section for examples of DE-Nav applications.


DouZen Elastic Timeline UI

DE-Timeline is a framework for interacting with various content, visualized on a timeline. Any type of media can be placed h ere, while data such as photos, videos, events, and tweets fit nicely with this UI. The timeline is stretchable via pinch gestures (and other means) for a very smooth, fast, and elastic feel.

DouZen Elastic Timeline UI


Douzen Particle UI Effects

DouZen has created libraries and techniques for using particle simulations effectively in practical UI scenarios. We believe in the effective uses of particles in practical everyday UI, achieving both a wow factor and an intuitive sense of making things easier for the user.


DouZen Elastic Cluster Zoom UI

The Cluster Zoom UI framework allows developers to populate multi-level content in a "zoom-space," where the user interacts with a digital map to navigate through layers of information, by pinching in and out of the area.

DouZen Elastic Timeline UI

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Meet the thinkers and builders of great UI technology!!!



Role: CEO, Evangelist, UI Concept and Design
Education: Stanford University / UCLA Anderson School
15 years of industry experience in consumer/IT products. Product Planner for VAIO PC and Palm OS based CLIE Handheld at Sony Corporation. Extensive experience in business development / tech licensing in the mobile industry.



Role: Chief UI Architect
Education: MIT / MIT Media Lab
Programming since age 6. C/C++/Java/Objective C. Life long passion has been to make user interfaces intuitive, beautiful, faster, and more fun. Uses lots of math, creative thoughts and a little bit of black magic to construct awe-inspiring UIs.




Role: Advisor
For nearly a decade, Peter has played a central role in building Apple’s QuickTime technology. While at Apple, Peter was awarded the designation of Distinguished Engineer for his work on QuickTime. In 2000, he founded Generic Media to introduce the first on-demand, real-time media transcoding server. In 2002, Peter co-founded Kinoma to develop a next-generation virtual software platform. Kinoma was acquired in 2011 by Marvell Semiconductor.



Role: Advisor
Sonny is the founder of Misfit, makers of beautiful wearable and smart home products, including the Shine and Flash (activity/sleep trackers) and Bolt, a color changing connected smart bulb. Previously, he was the Founder of Agamatrix, makers of the world's first iPhone-connected hardware medical device. Sonny has a Ph.D in linguistics from MIT.



Role: Advisor
Professor Tanaka is an associate professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and is an expert on image processing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.


We are based in San Francisco

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